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In 1975, I had decisions to make as a Black man growing up in the hood of South Central Los Angeles. High crime, corrupt local government, drive-by shootings and low employment was a daily lifestyle for most. TV sitcoms like The Jeffersons illustrated that some Black people in America were living a much better lifestyle outside of the hood. Returning veterans helped to show me the way out.

The United States Army and the family of veterans I became part of changed my life outside the hood. I discovered that Jefferson families existed throughout America. After watching and learning from veterans, it became clear that all I needed to do was to make a choice. I could elect to follow a path of the happy and successful sector or the bitter and angry protesters.  

Veteran In My 30's
Reggie About 40 Years Ago
My Dad & Mom
Me In South Central Los Angeles
Reggie Now

After having several businesses over the past 40 years and a growing family, I retired during the pandemic and launched to fill a few homeless gaps and address issues that affect veterans returning to civilian life. That focus quickly grew to what you see on this website.