What I Stand For

Alexander Hamilton said “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.” 

The Only Patriot In The Family

Since my discharge from the Army, I began looking at things I never paid much attention to before. In 2010 for example when Anti-American protestors carried signs at the funerals of deceased American soldiers. It was clear to this veteran that aligning myself with people like this contradicts everything I stand for.

Allot of people have fought and died protecting our way of life in America. No place on earth is perfect but The United States of America is my home and I can’t think of any other place I’d rather live. If I could find a better place, this old soldier certainly would be living there. Which raises the question of why these people who protest America still live here? For whatever their reasons might be, there must be someplace they like better. 

Here’s a guy (#7) Coilin Kaepernick who’s reportedly worth millions. A guy playing football in the NFL that decided to protest during the national anthem by kneeling after he got benched. It looks like he was pissed off about getting benched in November, 2015 and then started wearing the cop/ pig socks and protesting police in 2016. It wouldn’t be the first time a benched player did something stupid.

What bothered this old veteran most was all those other multi million dollar football players, Black, White and Latino who followed him. I think they should show respect and appreciation for the country where freedom allowed them to become rich. The National Anthem pays tribute to our country that many have died to protect. I’ve chosen to no longer stand with the NFL as long as they kneel against America. This veteran won’t buy tickets, NFL products or tune to games on TV. This is what I stand for.