In My 30's
Over 30 Years Later

The Old Veterans

A lot of things change as we get older. Maybe what changes the most is the way we feel about various issues. We start to see life in a different way after realizing that we have more years behind us than we have in front. Yesterday I was 15 years old and all I thought about were pretty girls and how I was going to buy my first car. Years before the the Army.

Today I’m closer to 70 years old than I am to 60. I think about my family first and various things I want to accomplish before I die. My body isn’t as tough as it was after my discharge from the military and my mind isn’t as sharp. I know more and I’m smarter now but getting things done takes a lot longer.  In my 20’s, I said what I thought but now I don’t always say what I’m thinking.

In my 30’s, standard attire for me was a 3 piece suit with a white long sleeve shirt and tie. No more Army green military fatigues in my closet. In my 60’s I’ve grown a beard, wear short sleeves, have short hair and I can’t even find a tie. I’ve got more fat than muscle on this old Veteran so I don’t punch as hard and I run a lot slower. I haven’t gone to the pistol range in a long time so I probably don’t shoot straight either.

I have more patience these days in many ways but less tolerance for those who intentionally hurt, swindle and take advantage of others. The problems of others have always been a concern to me especially when I was in a position to lend assistance. Sometimes I’ve stayed up too late at night, waken up too damn early and worked too long to accomplish goals. 

I’m an old military veteran now and I feel fortunate to still be here. My life has consisted of many mistakes and wrong turns that somehow ended up ok. Most of us have regrets and I have mine but the good has out weighed the bad. Where the hell is this gonna go next?