Wife & Family - Long Gone

There can be dozens of reasons why but sometimes while soldiers in the military serve their country, the families they love will sometimes slip away. When the soldier opens the front door, a silence just hits in places you never knew existed. This silence is different because you’ve never experienced this before. You might have experienced another kind of quiet from the battlefield. The one that warned you when all hell was about to break out but you knew how to fight your way out of that. 

This silence comes with a quiet that hurts like hell because you’re all alone. Scenes like this are experienced in real time all over the world when soldiers return home to an empty house where their friends or family once lived. Maybe all this is nobody’s fault or maybe it’s everybody’s fault but I think the military makes people angry.

Your spouse gets mad because you’re not there at night to help with the kids when they’re crying. Maybe it’s because you’re not home to fix the water heater when it breaks. Your friends are angry because you can’t party with them the way you used to do it. Last but not least, the time you spent alone in places where you didn’t want to be and doing things you didn’t want to do made you angry. Former military members pay a very high price for doing the right thing.

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