Homeless Veterans In California

Homeless Veteran on the street

Many of us are one paycheck from being without shelter, living in a car, tents or under an interstate highway. Camping outdoors without camping gear like tents, sleeping bags, stoves or pots and pans isn’t easy for homeless veterans in California

Sleeping in homeless encampments can also end up being fatal. Your dog is the only security when you sleep and your only friend. Health issues in one form or another eventually affect us all but when homeless veterans in California live like this without security, they’re in trouble.

Our veterans sometimes suffer because they don’t know about local medical resources and medications available for them through the Veterans Administration. On a another level, I’ve been told that living on the street is easier than living up to the expectations and pressure of being a husband or a wife.

Being blamed for situations and various events that couldn’t be avoided. Waking up homeless everyday is better than being told you’re a failure or a loser so some choose a life on the street.