Noni's Opinion 2

Orphaned Teenagers:

Teenagers with parents in the military sometimes end up homeless after being orphaned. Due to no fault of their own, the military lifestyle disconnects kids from extended family. Following years of disconnect from Aunts and Uncles, becoming homeless can threaten an orphaned teenager. It might sound harsh. It might sound cruel but taking in an angry, orphaned teenager is a major undertaking. Some families say “no.” They say “I don’t really know my brother’s son. I won’t take him” Plus or minus, these decisions can destroy a family. I don’t recommend judging the families in these situations.



There are legal reasons for emancipation but I’m not a Lawyer. Therefore I’m going to stay in my lane. I do know there are age requirements and the court must accept the teenager’s reason for leaving the parent. Many teenager’s feel like they’re already on their own. They feel like they can face the world and make life better for themselves. After they’re homeless they often find out things aren’t as easy as they thought, so now what? Surviving the streets as a homeless teenager is more challenging than it is for an adult that’s had some experience in life. If a teenager survives life on the streets and develops into an adult, they stand a lesser chance of ever getting off the streets.


So how do they make it? How do they survive on the streets? Unfortunately they may have to work as prostitutes. They steal or deal drugs to survive. Just simply put, they resort to a life of crime because that’s all they know to do in order to survive. Is there a solution?  How on earth do we resolve this crisis?  How do we resolve this unheard of record breaking number of unsheltered teenagers? Unfortunately there is no one answer. No solid solution for this problem. If there were, we wouldn’t be looking at the outrageous numbers that we’re faced with. The unfortunate truth is, there will be unsheltered children of former military members due to other factors as well.


In Conclusion:  

Some teens develop or are born with a mental illness. Others end up unsheltered for one or more of the reasons stated above. Some are just lazy and feel it’s easier to do nothing no matter the consequences they face. They may come upon hard times through many channels/ challenges in life that get thrown in their lap. For these reasons and many more, we will always have the unsheltered but we must try to minimize the numbers.


Perhaps those who have something to offer can jump in the middle of the chaos and help. Maybe a job whether it’s part time or full time. Whether it’s education through grants. Maybe sponsors can help them get out of the rut they’re in. Prevent a teenager from staring down the barrel of no hope and no future. We as a nation have people in positions of power to help. The only questions are, if they’ll be willing to do so or will they remain on the side lines? Will they complain, shake their heads and then walk away?  Let’s help each other. When we do, we will all win. Back To Page 1