Who Joins The Military?

There can be many reasons why someone joins the military but let’s talk about two. To begin with we have the patriots and loyalist in one category. Then we have those that are joining for a socio-economic reasons in the next category. First let’s talk about the loyal flag wavers whose families instilled in them a sense of honor from birth. A belief system that advocated hard work and an overall love for your country no matter what country that might be.

There should be no shame in being proud of the country where you live. It’s ok to honor the United States, United Kingdom, Afghanistan, Canada, Germany, China, Mexico or Japan just to name a few. Being proud of the country where you live doesn’t diminish or demean any other country and patriots understand this. Being proud of what you are, what you have or where you live can set the tone for your entire life. Confidence and pride influence all the decisions you make going forward. Patriots and loyalist consider the work they’re doing for their government as a badge of honor. 

That brings us to a few of the socio-economic reasons why some people join the armed services. Before going forward it’s important to mention that one of the reasons the United States of America is such a great nation is because we have the freedom to choose. Freedom to choose what level of the economic ladder we want to live on if we’re smart enough and live long enough to get there. As long as you don’t break laws doing it, our government isn’t supposed to take it away from you.

Socio-economics opens a broad umbrella but for the current topic at hand, I’m referring to the lower income sector who often feel less patriotic. They grow up in crime-ridden areas littered with graffiti, violence and only a few jobs. They usually join the military just to get away from their current situation. For whatever the reason a person honorably served their country, they all deserve the same level of respect when they become Veterans.