Columbus, Ohio Power Outage

Mandating Electric Cars

Columbus, Ohio residence have been worried and for good reasons. They’ve been asking the question, “what about the power outage in my area right now?” AEP/ American Electric Power intentionally shut the power off on 06/14/2022 to over 160,000 residence to reportedly protect the power grid. Use of air conditioners and wind are being blamed. Check active power outages.

Obviously the power grids can’t handle air conditioners running on hot days now. How can they possibly be expected to handle millions of electric cars charging?

I think most veterans like the idea of being able to charge/ fuel their cars at home. I think we need to be energy independent too. That said, politicians shouldn’t mandate electric cars unless/ until crap like this no longer happens. Speculating on what the power situation will be in the future is far from managing how it is now. I’d like to quit buying rubber tires over and over too but there’s no time tested alternative yet. Restricting the production of rubber tires right now wouldn’t make any sense. So why the hell are politicians restricting oil and gas when there’s no time tested alternative yet? 

Power Outage in Columbus, Ohio- active power outages
Image by: abc6onyourside

We still use oil to produce electricity. Solar panels produce electricity but only when the sun is shining. After the sun goes down, production stops. In parts of the country where the sun shines less, solar energy isn’t currently enough. Maybe it will be one day but it’s not time tested to handle the load now. Battery storage is currently only good for short periods when providing power for A/C units, heaters, refrigerators, ovens, power tools and electric cars. You know, the stuff we use everyday. Electric power generated by wind is only good if the wind blows fast enough. 

Maybe one day, there will be solutions but we don’t have the solutions yet. Until that happens, It makes sense to me for us to keep producing what works for us now. Reportedly we have enough oil for at least the next 100+ years. Why would any politician want to quit producing oil when we don’t have enough electricity to keep Columbus, Ohio from being shut off?