best pet for companionship

Pets For Companionship

A lot of things can be said about having a dog around the house. Almost nobody disputes that K-9’s are considered the best pet for companionship. There are so many cute dogs for adoption available too. There are examples of companion animals waiting for a good homes. Veterans make excellent moms and dads to loyal pets. Are pets good companions?

There are some advantages for opening your home to an older dog. The first reason is that you’re probably saving a life. Most states have a specified term known as a “holding period.” The holding periods generally range from 5 to 7 days. After that time, if the dog or cat isn’t sold or adopted, it will usually be euthanized/ killed. 

Older pets are more likely to be housebroken. That means less work, cleaner rugs and less wear on your furniture. Older pets aren’t as active so laying at your feet or curled up in a corner makes them content. They won’t want to play fetch the ball or wrestle like a younger pup or kitten likes to do. Older animals often make the best companion pets.

Another reason for considering senior dogs for adoption are the military discounts often extended to veterans. Check in your area for specifics but discounts usually range from $20.00 to $50.00 off the total cost. Also consider places like Vets For Pets.

Now let’s cover disadvantages. Senior pets might have unpleasant histories of neglect, starvation, abandonment or beatings. They might not cozy up to you as fast as a younger puppy or kitten. You’ll likely need to be more patient but the rewards can end up resulting in a very long friendship.

Now we’ll look at another choice and that is a cat. There are only two types of people in this world of ours. The ones who love cats and unfortunately the cat haters. Ok, cats have a bad reputation for being too mysterious, unfriendly and sneaky. In reality though, cats can be very loving with their owners. What about cats for companionship?

Your cute little kitty will lay on the back of the sofa and cuddle up on your lap. Cats do what they want to do, when they choose to do it. Your cat won’t disturb the neighbors and you’ll spend most of the time just loving your little kitten.

There’s no need to bathe them because they’ll keep themselves clean. Your precious tabby will also keep your house rodent free. 

Try to get some history if you can because the mothers teach the kittens to hunt. If your selection was raised by mom, she probably taught the babies to hunt. Some hunters will kill the rodents and go someplace quiet and out of sight to finish the job. Others will play with the dead prey or leave parts scattered where you can see. 

There’s no way to predict the behavior but just be thankful to have the job done. With the goal of hunting in mind, do not over feed that cute little kitten you just brought home. You’re not doing the newborn any favors and you might kill the killer instinct. 

Also know that cats can have three to four litters per year if you don’t take steps to prevent it. If you don’t get your animals spayed or neutered sooner than later, you could get more than you bargained for. Moving from one military base / duty station to another, we tend to forget but this is an important step.

Birds are a good pet for adults and children. Cockatiels tend to be friendly and can also be taught to talk. While teaching your bird to talk and do other tricks is fun, birds do require maintenance. Cages will need to be cleaned. A larger cage is recommended and they need fresh water daily. Fresh fruit and pellets should also be served daily.

Two birds are generally better than one so they can keep each other entertained. These birds do require at minimum, one visit per year to the veterinarian. Regular grooming will also be required.