What about Cats For Companionship?

Are Cats the best Pets For Companionship

More than 35 million people have at least one cat so maybe they know something. If home security is what you’re looking for, a kitten is not the answer. If having the feeling of security is a veterans goal, then cats for companionship can definitely fill that order.

A feline will quietly sit by your side or lay in your lap while you watch TV, talk on the phone or have a conversation with a friend. When your guest arrives, some will retreat quickly to a location of security behind the sofa or into another room. Others might rub against the visitors leg or standby and observe.

Cats require the same general treatment as dogs that include spaying or neutering, basic medical care and vaccinations.

Why Are Cats Great Companions?

They’re much easier to maintain than dogs for starters. They don’t require constant attention and that works well for a veteran with an active lifestyle. They don’t need to be walked on a leash and many felines are just fine being left without supervision in a house or apartment. If you’re going to have one kitten, consider having 2. Two kittens will keep each other company when you’re away from home.

Felines don’t have much of an odor to smell up your place either. Keeping the liter box maintained on a regular basis will work wonders. They don’t usually make much noise unless they get hungry. Feeding twice a day will do nicely. Providing large portions of food or allowing them to eat all day long will likely make your feline gain too much weight. This can result in other health related issues. Felines also hunt rodents for no additional charge. So why are cats great companions? I’d say low maintenance, rodent control and cuddly too are good reasons.