Service Dogs For Veterans

The most popular service dogs for veterans have their reputation for very good reasons. Higher percentages of certain breeds successfully complete the required training more than other breeds. Service dogs are trained to different standards than dogs trained for comfort only. Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers and German Shepherds are popular because they’re versatile and are generally easier to train.

There are as many different breeds used for service as there are different disabilities. For example, some people need assistance walking or getting out of bed. A useful dog for this veteran might be a large breed. 

Many mobile disabilities call for specialized pets capable of providing assistance. Due to various battlefield related injuries, some vets need assistance in the event of emergency situations like a fire or to cross a busy street. A smaller breed my be useful to a veteran who just needs to be alerted if someone is at the front door or calls on the phone.

Here’s an organization that provides service dogs for veterans and veterans with other disabilities too. This organization is called America’s Vetdogs.