Veterans Reunited With Babies

Veterans Reunification

One of the biggest problems with getting veterans reunited at home is the disconnect with the kids. Calling it a disconnect when they never actually connected in the first place doesn’t seem right either. When we think about the basics that mom does, it’s easy to see why kids love their mothers so much. Feeding, diaper changing and cuddling are at the top of my list.

Veteran, if your child is still wearing diapers when you walk through that door, you’ve hit the jackpot. This is the perfect time for reunification, assuming you want to bond. I’m making a personal guarantee that if you tell your wife that you’re taking over diaper duties, you’ll win.

I’m also telling you that every diaper you change, solidifies the reunification between father and child forever. Isn’t that what mothers do? Here’s what not to do. Don’t frown up or cover your face while changing your baby. Don’t make jokes about the smell either. Be gentle, talk to your child and cuddle when you’re done. (I don’t recommend baby talk if you can help it.)

I do recommend asking mom a few questions about her procedure so she won’t feel displaced. Changing diapers should be viewed as a privilege and not a job. How will you know that you’re bonding? When your kid starts to look your way when they need to be changed, you’re reunified. Veteran, you’re getting reunited.   

Here’s what else the returning veteran gets from changing your kids diaper.

  • Your wife gets a break and really looks forward to your daily homecoming.
  • Other kids in the home see you as a father and not just some strange guy.
  • Stories will be told year after year that remind your children that daddy cared.