Veterans Looking For Work

Getting A Job Outside The Box

If you were able to find a job online then maybe you don’t need the information from this page today. If that hasn’t worked out so far, there’s still light for veterans at the end of this tunnel. Contrary to the popular belief, most of the jobs are not advertised online. I recommend utilizing a 3 tiered approach when looking for work. Note that I said looking for work and not only looking for a job. Accept the work you find and not just jobs you want.

The best time to find new work is when you already have a job. Start preparing for separation from the military before your discharge date/ ETS. Get letters of recommendation on military stationary if possible from Sergeants and Commanding Officers. Make sure the letters include contact information.

You might not have a laptop computer since phones are capable of doing almost anything. Having a laptop will save you time and money in your search for work. You’ll need to use it for things cell phones don’t do well. I suggest making multiple resumes and you’ll need to make PDF documents, scan, print and send faxes. Printers can be purchased on the cheap if necessary so concentrate on getting the best laptop your budget can afford.

Tier 1: Do your document preparations and internet job submissions after business hours. This way you’ll see the online jobs posted just before employers close each day and maximize your available time for Tier 2 activities.

Tier 2: Park you car in business districts so you can walk in places and ask about employment opportunities. Remember, most jobs are not posted online. Get ready to be told no sometimes and be prepared to leave your resume if allowed to do so. Have more than one resume available to leave with various types of employers. For example, manufacturing employers might be more interested in a resume that reflects your technical or hands on skills. Health Care related employers might be looking for clerical abilities, sales and organization skills.

Tier 3: There could be valid reasons why getting a job could be more difficult for you. Your military assignment might not be transferrable in the private sector and your age could be a factor. So, consider heading in a different direction and start the wheels turning by hiring yourself. Volunteer your skills to a non profit agency that relates in some way to a small business you can eventually start. You can learn and make valuable connections along the way. Most small businesses begin over the kitchen table with very little money so think outside the box.