Many Hard To Fill Jobs Available

Work For Veterans - People Don't Want

Truck Drivers: Currently there are many jobs available for veterans as over the road, big rig Truck Drivers. If you’re an able bodied veteran in good health and good military record, an $80,000.00 per year trucking job is available. The bad news is that trucking is risky business and the cost to your life can be expensive in more ways than one.

A commercial driver license/ CDL is required. If you have an accident driving a big rig truck, you could go to jail. You will be expected to drive in bad weather for extended periods. You’ll be away from your family for extended periods of time. The first 2 years income may be low. There are many reasons for termination as an over the road truck driver too.

Police Officers: Law enforcement work as Federal Agents, Border Patrol Agents and local Police Officers are in demand. If you’re in shape with clean records, many jobs are available to veterans. These require background checks, physical, oral and written exams. You’ll need P.O.S.T./ Police Officer Standards and Training certification and requirements vary by state. Starting salaries are around $75,000.00 per year.

If hired, you’ll be hated by many along with threats to your life and the lives of your family. You might work alone, with partners or a team. The hours and days of the week you work will likely vary making family life difficult. You’ll be expected to reform criminals, keep the peace and be a Social Worker for the general public. If you make a mistake, you could go to jail.

I’m not suggesting that veterans should take these jobs. The percentage of risk is higher than in most other professions but the available jobs do exist. Veterans that survived in the military have a better than average chance to do well in these positions but the cost could be high. Loss of spouse, bonding with your children and loss of friends may occur. Veteran, how much more risk are you willing to take?