Veterans Working Long Hours For The Family

Veterans Working Long Hours

You’ve done everything required for your upcoming discharge from the military. You saved up some money and already started working part-time on your new civilian job. So lets add this up. Until you’re discharged, you work full time at the base. Then you go to your part-time job and work 4 more hours. Finally, you head toward your husband and kids.

Traffic is rough but somehow you arrived at the park in time to catch 15 minutes of your kids soccer game with your husband. You hug and kiss your family and then head home. You’ve still got homework, dinner and baths to do. How on earth does she manage all this?

Your kids complain, saying they miss their mom and that you’re not home enough. Your husband works from home but he’s unhappy because you usually go right to sleep after bathing the kids. You somehow manage to do all this 5 days per week and sleep all day on Saturday. This leaves you one full day per week on Sunday to be with your family. It won’t be like this forever but now, you’re doing what you must do. May God bless the mother, wife and soon to be hard working veteran.