Unwritten Qualifications For President

My personal opinion about the unwritten qualifications for President are as follows. The President should have two qualities and the order changes based on conditions of our country at the time.
First: There have always been bad people/ bad countries and killers in this world. The President/ Commander in Chief should have a warrior mentality. That means if the situations calls for force/ the military, our President needs to be able to make tough calls and not just pay lip service to public opinion. The President needs to able to pull the trigger if required. Protecting Americans should be priority number one.

Second: Since the United States is the biggest business/ overwatch in the world, the President needs to be a good business person who understands how companies are built and job creation. The President shouldn’t attempt to determine the winners, losers or how much money people earn. All this requires delicate balancing like the scales of justice. Managing the nation without controlling personal freedoms as long as those freedoms don’t harm others. Our leader needs to have strength without allowing emotions to guide logic. Last but not least, a good leader should stand for enforcement of all law and not just the laws of personal choice.