Concealed Carry With Kids At Home

Concealed Carry
Kids At Home

Veterans Returning Home Carrying A CCW Permit

Veterans Returning Home
Carrying A CCW Permit

Veterans Concealed Carry

Let’s fast forward veteran and assume that you already have your concealed carry weapons permit/ CCW. You’ve also got small children in your home like I had. Now you just need to take the proper steps to make sure that accidents will not happen.

We’re told that gun owners should use trigger locks, keep guns unloaded and stored inside a locked container. You’ll make your own decisions but I didn’t do all that, at least not at the same time. To begin with, my kids always knew I carried a gun. There were no mysteries.

Consider this and read it twice. Locking away your gun is not the safest thing to do especially where kids are concerned. If you can’t feel your gun, you don’t really know where it is or if it’s secure. How many times have you thought your door was closed or locked but it wasn’t? How many times have you been distracted and mislaid anything? If mistakes can happen with other things, mistakes can happen with your gun too. If you leave the weapon in a lock box that’s unlocked, the kids might get the gun. The only time you can be sure that kids are not playing with your gun is when it’s attached to your body. When you can feel that weapon, you know it’s secure.

In an emergency situation, whether your job requires a firearm or it’s a personal choice, getting to your gun sooner is always better than later. When the action is really happening, seconds count when your life or the live of a loved one is threatened. In the time it takes to approach the lock box, remember the combination or use the key, somebody could die. In the time it takes to load an unloaded weapon and then engage the attacker, somebody could die. Sometimes I just got tired of carrying my gun but I was glad it was there when it was needed.

I didn’t usually wear a jacket indoors while at home or a long shirt to conceal my weapon. Therefore, my weapon was often exposed at home unless visitors were present. When other kids were there, I either concealed my gun or locked it up. Upon entering and verifying security, I removed the chambered ammo and re-engaged the safety in a room away from the kids. I didn’t play with my kids until I stowed the gun either. When carrying a concealed weapon, the state of your weapon should be at the forefront of your mind. Mistakes can be deadly.