Social Life & Physical Factors

Social Life
Physical Factors

Veterans Carrying a Concealed Weapon

Veterans Concealed Carry

While trying to decide if carrying a concealed weapon will work for you, consider your lifestyle. Additional f
actors for consideration could include your daily social life. Going through the process to obtain a CCW permit could be time consuming and expensive too. Depending on the state where you apply like in California, paperwork alone might out weigh the benefits.

If for example your daily routine involves restricted firearm areas or intimate contact with clients, carrying a gun could be a problem. Locking your weapon in a vehicle when these situations exist doesn’t provide a secure place for it. Sometimes we all do it but I don’t recommend it any more than absolutely necessary. Cars get stolen all the time and when it happens, your gun goes bye bye. Guns locked in your vehicle probably won’t save your life. Bad guys perpetrating crimes probably won’t wait for you to reach your car.

One more thing to consider is the toll on your body. Holsters and guns can rub sores in places and the unbalanced weight over time may cause hip, back and spinal issues. Everything in life comes with positives and negatives. Having a weapon has been well worth the cost to me. Your business or lifestyle might call for something different.