Veterans - What Not To Share With Family

Sharing With Family

Let it be known that honesty is essential for walking the road back to civilian life with your family. Lies often catch up and things go south. However, there might be some truths a veteran experienced and facts your family will never understand. Ugly details might scare friends rather than inform them. Making them afraid of you will push them away. I recommend not telling them.

Sharing With Counselors

This is where you lay out the ugly. A Therapist, Counselor or Psychiatrist is where you unpack gory detailed truths that you don’t tell the family. If certain things you did could be considered “questionable”, consider keeping these questionable details to yourself veteran. Consider protecting your legal position and the price you could pay for doing what needed to be done.

Veteran, you might already feel isolated like you’re on an island by yourself but you are not. From personal experience I know there are other fellow Americans that share your reality. Veterans aren’t the only ones who might’ve taken lives and put their own lives on the line. Some Private Contractors, Police Officers & Federal Agents lay it all out there too. Thanks to all for your service.