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What To Look For In Neighborhoods

Checking the neighborhood

Returning to civilian life after serving your country in the military should be a wonderful thing for veterans. It will be a more pleasant experience for you and the family if you consider a few things before buying the house. Having the home inspected and structural issues are things you probably already know about. Gathering intel about the neighbors and the surrounding neighborhood is another.

Believe what you see and not just what you’re told. What looks good at 10:00 in the morning can be holy hell by 21:00 hours at night.

Thugs typically sleep late in the day and roam the streets after dark. Maybe your street even looks ok at night but 3 blocks away there could be a different reality in progress. More to the point, I recommend talking with a patrolling cop or the local Watch Commander about crime in the area. Walking the neighborhood is also a good idea on Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Get the opinion of neighbors you see with nice looking yards. They’ll usually tend to be honest and critical if they have concerns. Remember, a bunch of compliments aren’t worth much. It’s the bad news that’s most valuable and can save you heartaches.

Uncut lawns with weeds could signal financial problems within a household that might result in foreclosure. Multiple disabled or dirty vehicles in the driveway with spider webs can represent problems too. Iron bars on the windows and door usually mean a history of home burglary. Police don’t spend time where they’re not needed so if Cops often patrol, there’s your sign. Pot holes, missing street signs, graffiti and broken street lights show a lack of local government leadership and involvement. Used condoms near the curb usually mean that hookers park there for business. Now you know what to look for so go buy your house.