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In My 30's
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The Road To Ukraine

We have elections that result in well paying jobs for various Representatives, Members of Congress, Senators, Mayors, Governors and Presidents. We pay these people with our tax money. They’re suppose to be working for us but I have serious concerns. Some politicians (based on their actions and personal wealth of 80 million), appear to work against us. The wife of one President reportedly claimed to be “dead broke” in 2001.

The decision to fight a war requires a special kind of courage, grit and determination that some of our elected officials do not have. Our leaders have the following options when faced with our aggressive enemies. Options 1 thru 5 are the easy ones.

Option 1:  Do nothing and accept the consequences.

Option 2:  Talking / negotiating with evil or often mentally ill leaders of dangerous nations.

Options3: Sanctions (with or without friends) that result in attempts to disrupt businesses, finance or trade. 


Option 4:  Supporting an enemy of our enemy with weapons, finances or other supplies.

Option 5:  Threatening our enemy with deadly force and being prepared to follow through.

Option 6:  Deadly attacks using lethal force / War. 

Over the years we’ve had many battles that resulted in strategically placed embassies and  well armed military bases. These locations are valuable listening post and deployment sites that help to keep our enemies in check. In the event lethal force is required, these sites offer Americans a tremendous advantage. These sites save American lives, protect our friends and save innocent people around the world.

The United States has maintained troops and military bases to protect our interest inside or near every country that represented a threat to America. After fighting in WW2, we still maintain bases in Germany, Italy and Japan. 

American troops were withdrawn from Iraq even though the Status of Forces Agreement [SOFA] indicated provisions for canceling the agreement if the situation on the ground was not favorable to the American best interest.

Meanwhile back at home from 2017 – 2021 in the United States, four years of protest against our own President with accusations of unsubstantiated Russian collusion. We’ve had non stop racial protest combined with destruction of property, businesses burned and looting without consequences. Not to forget the U.S. border wall construction that was stopped and outcries from certain politicians to defund our Police

 A: American troops withdrawn from Afghanistan.
 B: Possibly 100’s of American civilians (exact number never disclosed) left behind in enemy    controlled, Taliban territory. The very same Taliban known for cutting off the heads. 

 C: Military equipment including helicopters and uniforms left behind to the enemy. 

So, did we pave the road for Russia to invade Crimea and Ukraine? If you were Vladimir Putin, could you have picked any better time to launch an invasion? We protest drilling for oil in our own country while we buy it from Russia. We have hundreds of people we can’t identify crossing our border daily. Some of whom could be the enemy.  We also withdraw troops and close strategically placed military bases positioned near our enemy. What a break for Russia.

Are we going to stand down and watch while civilians are killed in Ukraine? Will we call ourselves helpers by just sending food, blankets or other items? Should we standby and wait to see if Russia attacks America or anybody else? I like the quote by Edmund Burke that reads “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” If stopping Russia results in WW3, I say bring it on but we do need strong leadership.