The Road To Iraq

If you're in a country where a dictator plasters his own face on the money, you're in a bad place.

Critics of the United States invasion of Iraq typically say they support the war in Afghanistan but not the war in Iraq. After America got attacked on 9/11 and we lost 3000 people, United States leaders took off the gloves. Negotiating with terrorist wasn’t going to happen and either you were with us or against us.

Saddam Hussein was against us and the most feared, brutal dictator in the region. Saddam Hussein and his sons raped women, beat and killed the people in Iraq reportedly for their own pleasure. Iraq also provided sanctuary and financial support to our enemies. 

Veterans understand that Afghanistan was only a stepping stone to the primary military objective of taking down Saddam Hussein and to outflank Iran. Americans would never be safe anyplace in the world as long as enemies like this threaten us and continue their attempts to acquire weapons of mass destruction (WMD).

For some reason unknown to this veteran, brutal dictators around the world apparently like to erect giant statues of themselves. Fortunately for the people of Iraq, what goes up, also came down with the help of United States soldiers and our brave allies.

The bottom line is this. In March of 2003 the greatest fighting force on earth kicked butt in Iraq using over whelming force. Some of our own American citizens complained as the bombs destroyed their targets. Did the complainers prefer to put at risk the lives of our own sons and daughters fighting shot for shot? Saddam Hussein fled but was later found by United States troops hiding in a dirt hole underground. In 2006 the people of Iraq got justice with the conviction of Hussein for committing crimes against humanity. He has hanged to death on December 30, 2006. In 2008 we also found large stockpiles of WMD building material and shipped it to Canada. Uranium/ yellowcake is a principle ingredient for nuclear enrichment. For some reason unknown to this veteran, this story didn’t get much coverage by our media either.