In My 30's
Over 30 Years Later

Weak American Decisions Leading To Ukraine

Maybe you’re an adult in the year 2022 who remembers how we turned our backs on killers over the last few decades. You might also remember when we gave our enemies weapons instead of killing them when we had the upper hand. Most Americans if asked would probably and proudly say that they’re against war. Unfortunately, just being against something doesn’t prevent people from getting killed. When the other guy uses bullets, deadly chemicals, missiles and bombs, we better be prepared to fight.

Like it or not, the United States of America along the way became to worlds Sheriff. The rest of the free world has come to depend on us to uphold and defend freedom around the globe when evil goes on the attack. We do not abuse our power and we have the most powerful weapons to back us up. We are not a perfect nation but in the past, the United States could be counted on if needed. Unfortunately, at times our leadership has been questionable.

Iran held over 50 Americans hostage for 444 days. We saw images 
on television of captured and blind folded Americans being kept against their will day after day. America was viewed around the world for having weak leadership in 1979. Our enemies are always watching.

The USS Cole at the port in Yemen was attacked by a group of terrorist known as Al-Qaeda. 17 American sailors were killed. A few missiles that inflicted very little damage were eventually launched in retaliation. Our enemies are always watching our next move. 

Deadly chemicals weapons were used in Syria that reportedly killed an estimated 1400 people. Even after all the tough talk and speeches about red lines that better not get crossed, America backed down. Knowing that permission to attack would not likely be granted to a weak administration, our leaders put it to a vote. Our enemies knew that no such vote was even required under the circumstances. The vote appeared to only be a weak excuse to do nothing in my opinion. Chemical Weapons – The Red Line

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