VA Medical Center - Loma Linda, CA

What To Expect Upon Arrival

Treated for Covid-19 at Loma Linda VA Hospital

Your opinion of the veterans medical facility in Loma Linda, California over-all might be influenced based on where you go first. There are 2 large facilities only about 3 miles apart. If you’ve been to other locations across the country, you could be pleased at either location.

The old facility is nice but parking can be a problem if you don’t get there early. The parking lots are large but on most days Monday to Friday, hundreds of veterans come there. They provide parking lot shuttle service from your car to your desired entrance.

You might have to do a little walking if you need to visit the ER, Labs and Pharmacy for example. The good news is that you might not have to wait very long in either area. The ER actually moves pretty fast but you will be seen in the order of case urgency. That means if you go there for a sore foot, you’ll be seen after the serious injuries and patients experiencing a great deal of pain.