Democrats vs Republicans

Opinion Of One Black Man - Me then and me now

I think most of us start out as Democrats. We’re taught that war is wrong and all you have to do is just say no or protest. We’re taught that criminals are just misunderstood and all they need is love. We’re taught that being rich is greedy and the rich should [give] to the poor. 

Then when all those dreams/ lies don’t come true like we were told, we begin to live or lives pissed off and feeling victimized. Well, the bad guys find you no matter how much you try to avoid them. Contrary to what pacifist believe, just saying no or protesting probably won’t stop a bullet. The Robin Hood story of taking from the rich to give to the poor should land you in jail. I found that a little veteran lived common sense goes a long way toward success.

At some point in life a few of us stumble on reality and transition to Republican. Then life gets better. At some point I discovered that most people feel sorry for anybody victimized and might even give a little handout. At some point I also discovered that I never saw large scale improvements in the victimized Black communities where most people voted Democrat either. Handouts don’t equal prosperity.

In the military and especially after becoming a veteran, I started noticing that I was being received by others based on how I was dressed. After I quit dressing like somebody from the hood, people no longer shied away as I approached. Next I began working on the way I spoke. Now I cut back on the slang and use (ing) instead of (in) when I speak (most of the time). Examples: “I’m going to the store” vs  “I’m goin to the store.”    

I also started listening and asking questions when folks appeared to be doing better than me. I always heard that we’re not suppose to talk about politics or religion. Then I discovered (by listening) that successful business people always know the politics and share info. Successful business people keep track of who’s pushing what law, what’s been successful in the past and who’s been ripping them off. Like it or not, the happier cultures of our society evaluate the likelihood to be trustworthy based on religious values. 

Then I learned that successful people get a kick out of helping other folks. You don’t need to ask for help but you’ve got to be doing something. Business people don’t respect lip service like “I’m gonna do.” They also don’t respect “right now I’m working at (fill in the blank) but if I get a loan, I’m gonna start a business.”  Nobody respects that crap. Successful business folks hear it all – the – time.

What does get respect is when they hear that you already started a small business in your truck, garage or over the kitchen table. You will get respect even if you only earn $100.00 in year one and $300.00 in year two for example. When business people hear that you’ve actually been doing something instead of giving lip service about what you’re gonna do, sometimes they offer to help. It might be in the form of a person to call, a service contract or just wise advice. Networking is another step toward success.

So last but not least I discovered that if I was looking for a good time or a place to complain about stuff, Democrats are good listeners. If I wanted to do business, improve something, make money and find out who’s ripping people off, Republicans were the way to go.