How Voting Works

Veteran In My 30's

We have a few issues in our Black communities and that’s why our neighborhoods don’t improve. We complain about crime but we never hold anybody accountable. That’s why our neighborhoods are places where everybody wants to move from and nobody wants to move into. If you’re not happy with your area and you keep voting for the same party, nothing will ever get better. Vote for the other party. 

Lesson 1:
The police are there to help protect the honest citizens from criminals. If you’re not happy with the way criminals are treated, they should stop being criminals. If the police are not enforcing the laws in your city, vote against the Mayor in the next election. If the Cops are corrupt, the Mayor is hiring corrupt Cops. The Mayor is responsible for making sure the police, fire departments, schools, housing and utilities function well. If these areas don’t do well, just vote out the Mayor and quit
 making everything about race.

Lesson 2:
If your state has a major homeless issue and crime problems where criminals run free, vote out the Governor. If your state offices like DMV, EDD or other social service offices don’t operate with speed and efficiency, vote out the Governor.

Lesson 3:
If the international borders are not being secured, vote out the President. If our economy, inflation, immigration and national security sucks, vote out the President. Vote for the other party.

The flow chart below illustrates who’s responsible for any problem you have.