Idealist or Criminal


Having strong feelings and pursuing ideas that may or may not be realistic. 


People committing crimes that are punishable by law. Those who commit murder, steal and intentionally hurt people are criminals.

Idealism on it’s face, I believe is a wonderful thing. America is the greatest country on earth because we have the freedom to follow and implement our own ideas and dreams. Entrepreneurs are great examples of individuals and idealism that created terrific products, businesses and services. Idealism in the private sector where individuals use their own resources is wonderful. Pursuing your realistic or unrealistic dreams with your own money is great. It’s bad when someone uses their position of power to spend money taken from taxpaying citizens to fund their idealism.

It’s often impossible to separate a not very smart idealist using taxpayer money on useless projects from criminals doing the same thing. Idealist often continue to pursue rotten ideas like the criminals but don’t personally profit from it. Either way, good natured taxpaying citizens get screwed. One example of idealism is a guy who thinks the moon is made of swiss cheese and continues research to prove it using his own money. I have no problem with this guy. If the guy is spending our tax money, that’s bad. If he and his family or friends are getting rich from his unproductive research, they should all be fired and possibly jailed.

The best way to determine is someone is an idealist or a criminal is by investigating what they’ve already done instead of believing what they say. Both are often good at painting pretty pictures and making speeches that are very convincing. They’re often smooth with the promises that make us feel better. If the guy who already built 100 homes says he’ll build 100 more, he has credibility. A guy who just talks of plans to build 100 homes but has never built one might be a worthless idealist.