My Life | Part 2

Racial Issues

Around my 30's

The positive change I referred to in Part 1 with regard to racial issues in my opinion have created major problems. Although we no longer have states that allow “White Only” restaurants for example. It’s no longer ok to have separate water fountains for Colored people either. Blacks and Whites legally marry and walk in public now yet we still complain.

This might sound trivial if you didn’t live through this unsettling history. Now we have multi million dollar actors, actresses and politicians on TV telling us how racist America is now. I keep hearing that we’ve come a long way but we still have a long way to go. Go where, to what? Nobody provides specifics about what a better America is actually suppose to do.

We have protest marches against the police while vandalism and mass looting occur in plain site. I’ve never seen a protest march against gangs though. For some strange reason, I’ve never heard the wealthy politicians that we/Blacks help to elect ever support longer prison sentences. I’ve also never seen a bill board in the hood where I grew up that advocated getting rid of street gangs.

We’ll breakout the cell phones to video cops being too rough with thugs who resist being arrested. What about being concerned for the safety of cops instead? Maybe our common sense and values have deteriorated. My family always told me to never run from the cops, argue or fight with cops. When you do those things, bad things usually happen. Most of the high profile cases of police brutality I’m aware of started with one or more of those actions. 

Even if you do have issues with a hand full of police brutality incidents you’ve seen on TV, should we toss out the baby with the bathwater? Cops encounter millions of people daily and we’re willing to protest over isolated incidents highlighted by the media. So, here’s a rather unique idea. Can we get rid of the criminals before we defund the cops?