Parental Rights In Education

One Old Veterans Opinion - LGBT & Transgender Issues

While I do understand that everything in life must change, it doesn’t mean that I must like every change. When I was in the United States Army, there were only 2 separate groups. There were male troops and female troops. Men were assigned a bunk in the barracks with other men. Women were assigned to sleep in barracks next to other women. This method was simple and didn’t need to be explained or modified for anybody.

When I was in school, there were female teachers and male teachers. There were boy students and girl students and that didn’t require special training. It didn’t require additional classroom hours for discussion either.

All my life I’ve seen reports about how public schools don’t get enough money. How students are graduating and dropping out without being able to read, add, subtract, multiply or divide. How teachers don’t make enough and there aren’t enough hours in schedules for all the required curriculum. I think that reading, writing, math, lunch and physical education already amount to a full day at preschool and elementary grade levels. It appears to me that teachers already have their hands full. How can there now be enough hours on the schedule to teach this veterans grandchildren about LGBT and Transgender issues? 

Wouldn’t this also require teachers to obtain additional training themselves when they’re already under paid? Who’s the certified authority qualified to train all the teachers about LGBT and Transgender issues anyway? My solution, I think is pretty simple. Lets not cram LGBT and Transgender issues in until this old veterans grandchildren become proficient with reading, writing, math and physical education. Once these areas get fixed, then we can start talking about adding on more stuff.