Republican Life

Veteran In My 30's

Black Man Living With Republicans

Black Man Living With Republicans

Until I entered the military, my family moved around allot. When I wasn’t living in the Black neighborhoods of South Central Los Angeles, I lived with my mother. We stayed in low income Latino housing projects in East Los Angeles. What I saw, I considered normal until joining the Army. Once I got a taste of how the other side lived, going back to stay in the hood just wasn’t a good option for this veteran.

I discovered something I called the Republican lifestyle during my hitch in the Army. This was very different from my life in the Democrat controlled areas of South Central Los Angeles. After the L.A. Riots, politicians dropped the “Central” part. Now my old hood is just call South Los Angeles. I believe politicians thought a slight alteration of the name, would change South Centrals reputation.

In Republican areas this veteran moved to, neighbors stood on well manicured front lawns having conversations without fear of being killed in a drive-by shooting. Police cars cruised through our area once a week instead of 6 times per day like in the hood. No Sheriffs helo flying over-head patterns at night with their spot light shinning bright either.

One phone call to the Department of Public Works and potholes typically were filled with 48 hours in Republican areas. Burned out street lights were usually fixed the next day. In the hood, a busted street light could be out for months. In South Central, sirens were heard every night. I can’t even remember the last time I heard a siren in the Republican neighborhood.

Criminals get arrested in Republican dominated areas too but they go away for a long time. That discourages criminals from returning to Republican areas and the message gets around. In neighborhoods like this, residents are happy to hear that a criminal got taken off the street. In my old neighborhoods, residents were busy video taping the police in hope of catching a cop using too much force.

When in the hood, before the military I bumped the music anytime of the day or night while driving on the street where I lived. I quit doing that on the quite streets where I moved to. I do miss bumping the music loud when I wash my car. That would probably be frowned upon in the neighborhood I moved into. There are no soul food restaurants or good barbecue joints either so I still go back to the hood. Some of my relatives still live in the hood too. Some were shot, put in prison and one was killed.

Why are Republican areas so much better? It’s because Republican politicians know they better tow the line. The people don’t work for the politicians, the politicians work for us. If street lights don’t get fixed, potholes filled and criminals put away, they will not be re-elected.

What I’ve been told by many Republicans from coast to coast is that Black people are very welcome to live in these areas. What they don’t like is when Blacks move out of the bad Democrat controlled area, then vote for Democrats to govern the nice new neighborhood. The infamous city of Compton was a Republican city during the 1940’s and 1950’s, now it’s dominated by Democrats . Former President George W. Bush lived in Compton in 1949. Now it’s one of the most dangerous cities in America. Where do you think this old veteran prefers to live?