Short News You Might Have Missed

Short News You Might Have Missed

News for the former military that don’t have much time. The short versions combined with a PDF file of the full story to read with your coffee, if you’ve got the time. You can hear good news/ fluff/ feel good stuff everywhere. The talk shows and most cable news channels run that stuff all day long. It’s the bad news, the other news I lookout for. Not knowing the other news can wipeout your bank account and leave you vulnerable.

Some use our ignorance to keep us in the dark. What you’ll get in this short news section is a combination of supporting source documents followed by opinions. PDF/ Supporting Source Documents/ Facts followed by my interpretation/ short opinion. We’re all entitled to our own opinions but we can’t change the facts.

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L.A. Times: VA says it will house homeless veterans camped around West L.A. campus
Opinion/ Short News: As of this date, there are reportedly an estimated 3,900 homeless veterans in Los Angeles County alone. There are estimates of 66,000 unhoused people living on the streets. 

The current focus is on one West Los Angeles encampment. That encampment has been connected with 2 homicides and other crimes over just a 6 month period. In 2016, the plan called for 1200 supportive housing units. Now it’s 2021 and there are only 54 permanent supportive housing units at the purposed location. So lets do some easy math ok? 3,900 homeless vets with 54 completed units in 5 years. Should we cheer?

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CBS News: U.S. Secretly Takes Yellowcake From Iraq
Opinion/ Short News: After we got attacked on 9-11, we subsequently kicked butt in Afghanistan and Iraq. During the years that followed, Americans that most of us trusted to tell the truth, constantly said we lied about WMD/ Weapons of Mass Destruction. 

Before President George W. Bush left office, we found ingredients to make WMD in Iraq. We shipped out approximately 500 tons of Yellowcake aka Uranium to Canada. Uranium is used to make WMD. There was very little reporting on this event. The PDF shows an article published by CBS News in July, 2008. Most people I’ve talked to over the years, never heard that we found proof.  

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MSNBC: Afghanistan withdrawal could’ve gone so differently
Opinion/ Short News: A few missed the worst American troop withdraw in our history. Veterans especially felt hurt and anger for the following reasons. (1) Turning over a country we already controlled to a few rag tag terrorist defies all reason. (2) Telling the enemy the date and time for retreat/ withdraw defies more reason. (3) Doing #1 and #2 before evacuating American citizens is beyond belief. 

We left the enemy with so many gifts too. We gave them cars, military trucks and even military aircraft. They now have our uniforms and bright shiny guns we left to use against whom ever they choose. Maybe they’re being used right now on the thousands of Americans left behind. Most of what we saw live on TV, isn’t even mentioned in many news articles.