The Slap Heard Around The World

Chris Rock Attacked By Will Smith
Video By: The Critical Drinker

One Veterans Opinion

When this assault and battery occurred on stage, this old veteran was in Las Vegas visiting with family and friends. I wasn’t watching it on TV and based on what I’ve heard, not many other Americans tuned in either. Ratings for these award shows have reportedly been tanking for a long time. With that said, this veteran wouldn’t usually care if one celebrity beat the hell out of another celebrity. Here’s what got my attention.

There’s one guy who’s approximately 6’2″ that bitch slaps a shorter guy who’s reportedly 5’10” and not many in the audience appeared to be bothered. I heard cheers, laughter and hand claps. I saw the big guy get a hug by another famous actor. What I didn’t see was any sign of security or police putting Will Smith in handcuffs after he publicly committed assault and battery on Chris Rock.

Was this just a preplanned Hollywood attack designed to boost ratings? In the land of smoke and mirrors, any lie and deception is possible. If this was truly an unscripted attack, why didn’t anybody get arrested or at least escorted out of the building? Is there just a double standard for Hollywood actors that allow them to use force? Is this ok because it’s one Black man bitch slapping another Black man?

Video by: The Telegraph and Trailers.

This looks like Will Smith holding his award and dancing for his Hollywood crowd at the after party. Aren’t they all just absolutely wonderful individuals? I don’t see Chris Rock there. Do you think that maybe he’s at home with an ice pack on his face? 

Maybe this old veteran missed all those peace activist protesting outside and complaining about unacceptable use of force. Does anybody get locked up? Maybe a nice slap on the wrist or a donation to their favorite charity will teach our wealthy millionaire, peace activist crowd with money to burn a lesson. I can’t put anybody in jail but I can quit watching their movies and buying their endorsed products that boost their TV ratings. Maybe I’m only one old veteran with an attitude problem who’s just too stupid to understand.