Thank You For Your Service

What Does It Mean?

Thank You For Your Service

During the Vietnam war, veterans returned here to hate filled homecomings all over America. Soldiers were spat on and called baby killers. Some still argue that fighting in Vietnam was never a declared war so therefore it was illegal. Some contend that communism in other countries is none of our business and that war for any reason is wrong. 

Call it what you will and believe what makes you happy but when we’re fired upon, It’s war. After we were attacked at home on 9-11, I saw temporary unity in my humble opinion. Whether sparked by fear or regrets for bad behavior during Vietnam, things changed. 

The words “thank you for your service” began ringing loud and clear in America. I heard it everywhere I went across this nation and I’m proud of it. I sometimes wore a cap with Vietnam Era Veteran embroidered on it. Several times each week at stores and restaurants people told me “thank you for your service.” My meals were sometimes paid for by total strangers before I reached the cash register. The message I was given on every occasion was thanking me for my service. Over thinking what they really mean, to me is pointless.

I truly appreciated every meal I received and words of thanks I heard. For me, all the gifts, freebies and admiration just became overwhelming so I quit wearing military embroidered caps. I don’t question motives when I hear thanks for our service.