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Yes, Everything Is Political Now

I initially heard this addressed by someone else but here’s my interpretation. There are basically 3 types of people for purposes of wealth and prosperity in America. People that make news, people who react to news and those most affected by the news. As a veteran returning to civilian life, in America you can decide which category you want to shoot for. News makers are the Trump’s, Bill Gates, Biden’s and Musk’s in our country. Decisions they make affect national security and our money. Those who react to the news are stock traders, small business owners, large corporations and people who employ other Americans. The last category also happens to hit the largest percentage of our population. The low income, middle class and lower middle class are the most adversely affected.

When you make the news, you know what’s likely going to happen as a result of your actions good or bad. They search multiple sources for the bad news too and not just the feel good stories. They understand the importance of looking at the full picture of world events. This group lives in nice neighborhoods where the lower class only drive through. News makers go up and down too but even their bad decisions usually won’t break them. 

People who react to news is the next category. They live in nice neighborhoods too and closely watch the news makers for signs that give them early warnings. Doing this gives them a tremendous advantage and most important, more options. Options allow them opportunities to add, subtract, calculate and manipulate things. This gives them a greater chance to make money, be safer and a lessor chance of hitting rock bottom. 

That brings us to the last category in more ways than one. This group are the ones affected by the news. Many of them live in areas they hate where crime and corruption rule. Those affected by the news are in the worst position of all and they don’t know why. The lower class don’t mirror the news makers or those reacting to the news. They get smacked by whatever comes along and that keeps them angry, unemployed, less safe and often poor. Typically the working poor tend to be employees and seldom employers. They are the group who get surprised when lay offs hit or their company shuts down with little or no warning. 

Politics to them is meaningless, irrelevant and a waste of time to this group. They’ve been taught from an early age to not talk about politics. Keeping tabs on elected officials is totally pointless to the poor and lower middle class. Most of them blindly believe their elected politicians without ever verifying actual facts. They feel helpless and unable to change anything and that Democrats are the same as Republicans. They have no concept of how they’re being held down by their own elected officials. Politicians love this group who show up to vote out of anger but don’t hold their candidates accountable if elected.

Which category best describes where you want to be veteran? Will you shoot to make news, react to news or just be affected by news in this new world at home? The great thing about America is, we can all take unlimited shots to achieve the lifestyle we want.