Democrats And Republicans

How Veterans Have Relationships With Both

Pew Research Study By Race

Yes you can have great relationships with Republican and Democrat friends. This is possible if you understand some unspoken conditions. If you’re not sure which party you best align with, check this page and then come back. From the first hello, people will draw certain conclusions about you simply because you’re former military. In years gone by, veterans were commonly called “baby killers” by Democrats but you can have a good time if you try.

My personal feeling is that Democrats are more fun to hangout with than most Republicans. Most Democrats are more attractive than most Republicans in my humble opinion. I also think that most of the funniest comedians and best looking actors are Democrat too. If I want to have a good time, play cards, dance or create beautiful things, I look for my Democrat friends. If I have life threatening security issues or want to start a business and make money, I look for my Republican friends. I just choose to have the best of both worlds.

I’ll get this out of the way now. There are exceptions to every situation but you’ll usually be on point by knowing some simple truths. Most older Whites, self employed and legal gun owners are probably Republican. Most Blacks, teachers, college students, union members, LGBTQ, single mothers, those formerly incarcerated, young and old are probably Democrats.

If you see a United States flag around or they compliment this country, your friend is probably a Republican. If you see a picture of Barack Obama, hear complaints about cops or racism, your friend is probably a Democrat.

If you’re a Democrat in the room with Republicans, here’s your ticket. The average Republican already knows what I just told you and can spot someone trying to fake it just to get along. They know the buzzwords that signal a left leaning Democrat position. They probably won’t call you out on anything or get upset but they won’t trust you. Just be yourself and you’ll be ok.

If you’re a Democrat who’s considering a change to Republican, here’s your ticket. Be honest about what you don’t know, ask questions and you could be a big hit at the party. Most Republicans were former Democrats anyway until they learned certain facts or had various experiences. Republicans like to take victory laps for helping others make money and achieve independence so use this to your advantage.

If you’re a Republican in the room full of Democrats, you have options so here’s your ticket. Most Democrats are emotionally driven so passion is more important than facts. You can make enemies here quickly so be careful. Pointing at problems will get you further than providing solutions if you’re trying to get along. You can also easily fit in by saying that you don’t talk politics or that all politicians are liars so you don’t vote. Saying that you’re an Independent who doesn’t take sides is another popular response. If extending the conversation is desired, talking about climate change will make you as much of an expert as anybody else in the room.

This pretty much covers what you need to know when reuniting with friends and family in civilian life. You can also choose to hit hard like we did with many things in the military. If you do, you might lose relationships. You’re on your own now veteran, no backup and nobody has your six.