Veterans - Who Kicked Me?

We Don’t Hold Anybody Responsible

Chris Tucker made a movie that I enjoyed called “Rush Hour”. In one scene he got kicked pretty hard. It happened so fast that he didn’t know who kicked him. That movie was made to amuse but that scene illustrates the way a majority of us survive. In cities like South Central Los Angeles where I grew up, we recognize issues. Veterans hear the talk about about the crime, security, jobs, gangs and money.
The problem is we don’t hold anybody responsible. Like Chris Tucker in the movie, we don’t actually know who kicked us. We don’t know who’s responsible for the toxic environment where we struggle to survive and care for our families.

So we just blame everybody. What I hear most from other Black people is “I blame Republicans and Democrats.” Again, we don’t know who’s been kicking us for decades. When was the last time you heard anybody in the hood say they voted for a Republican? I’ve got news for ya folks, Republicans don’t run things in the hood. If they did, maybe our areas would change to look like their areas.

The overwhelming number of politicians making policy decisions for the hoods are Democrats. We voted for them and they’re getting paid. We’re not voting for Republicans. We’ll vote for a different candidate but if they’re within the same political party, the party still wins. The Democrats don’t care which candidate we put in charge as long as it’s a Democrat. They’ll relocate the loser to other positions like pieces on a chess board.
Just one old veterans opinion.