What's Happening While You're Away Veteran

What's Happening While You're Away Veteran

Car breaking down

Life keeps happening while you’re deployed and doing what needs to be done. You’ve been serving our country and possibly risking your life. You might’ve been in fire fights or hand to hand combat in pitch black darkness. You could’ve been trying to sleep when it was 120 degrees outside and those were the good days. 

Your spouse on the other hand was back at home facing other challenges that she struggled with too. Maybe not exactly life threating but certainly frustrating. She worried about you getting killed and jumped at every knock on the door. 

On a good day she takes the kids to school, lies to debt collectors and unclogs the plugged up toilet that flooded the bathroom. It’s frustrating when the family car breaks and she’s stuck on the road with kids fighting in the back seat. She knows these things are not your fault but she’s still mad at you. She’s mad because she’s fighting these problems without having you here for support. When the kids got sick and cried all night, you weren’t there. When she heard noises after dark that scared the family, you weren’t there for protection either.

What you do is important but don’t forget that your family has struggled too. Now that you’re home again, there’s going to be a period of adjustment. It could last weeks, months or years and nobody knows how long. At some point you and your family might begin to forget that you just got home. At some point you might look up and realize that you haven’t even thought about your deployment at all today or this week. For now though, try to be understanding that your entire family is paying a price.