Soldiers Came Back To Find Out Their Girl Was Cheating

Soldiers Find Their Girl Cheating

Soldiers Came Back To Find Out Their Girl Was Cheating

Let’s not start out by acting like it doesn’t happen. At the same time, maybe we should consider that your relationship might not be over. In the old days when soldiers came back to find out their girl was cheating, they felt betrayed. Nobody stopped to consider who the soldier hooked up with while they were deployed. 

One night stands count as cheating. Getting a quickie with a prostitute you pick up on the street counts too. What about the woman you shacked up with near the base? You got her pregnant on the downlow while deployed so that counts too.

Soldiers like to discount all the encounters they had or minimize the experience by saying it was just sex. Then we get our feelings hurt and all bent out of shape if we hear about our girlfriend sleeping with another guy. She had urges too while she waited for you. She was told stories by her friends and family about what you might be doing.

I don’t know how you’re going to handle what you’ve heard once you get back home. Maybe the relationship is over but what you do next is most important now. Freaking out / going off/ losing your cool or getting violent is not the way to go. If she has been cheating, doing all that crap will only prove to her that she needs to kick you to the curb. If you can’t accept things as they are, be cool and say goodbye.